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Mini Squeegee (Single)

Great for getting into those fine and fancy details. You’ll want several on hand to work through any project! Measures approximately 1½" x 1". Squeegees are designed with a rubbery, flexible texture that perfectly smooths Chalkology® Paste or Ink over Chalk Transfer® designs.

Wax Applicator

The perfect 3" microfiber cloth for waxing your favorite surface. Scoop out and apply wax with one side, buff it into your surface with the other side. Applicator washes easily with dish soap. Reusable. Use with Surface Wax (item T203112) to create a smoother and more even pasting experience.

Pop-Up Porter (21" x 12½" x 12½")

Get this heavy-duty tote to carry all your large Chalk Couture™ surfaces and supplies so they’re ready to go when you are. Ships and stores flat. Approximately 21" x 12½" x 12½".

Artist Tool Set

Get ahold of these two amazing brushes and two specialized tools. Perfect for adding a splash of color or an all-over color wash, fine detailed pasting, correcting mistakes, and adding other artistic touches like a boss.

Basics Bag (8½" x 3½" x 2½")

We’ve never been more proud to be basic. Use this to carry your squeegees, Chalk Markers, Transfer Trimmers, and any other special tools you want to slip on in there. Get your craft together with organization tools specifically designed for your Chalk Couture™ products.

Power Punch (6mm)

The Power Punch is a crafter's best friend! It'll punch 6mm holes in materials up to 1/8" thick, which includes Chalkable Chips, Simple Shapes, and more! Grab yours now for a hole punch of fun!

Adhesive Magnets (12-Pack, 1”)

Round magnets with adhesive on one side to adhere to your project. Works great with any magnetic surface.

Color Case (9" x 6" x 4½")

The perfect way to port your paste (and ink) is to carry them in the Color Case. Place the separator and zip to assemble. Holds up to 18 jars (3 US fl. oz.).

Quick Dry Tool

Use to speed the dry time of ink and paste. The movable kickstand is perfectly convenient while the tool cools down, and flips out of the way when not being used. Two settings, 120 volts.

Magnetic Wreath (2")

This sweet embellishment is unbe-wreath-ably cute! The 2" round, boxwood wreath creates a great accent piece. Plus, it’s magnetic! Stick it to magnetic surfaces like a Couture Gallery™ Aiden Board in any size, or use the additional magnet on the back of thinner surfaces like a House Box Frame (item S2231119), Simple Shapes (Round, Square, item S2111104; Rectangle, item S2131114), or Pennant Banner (5" x 7", item S193110; 9" x 12", item S193111; 12" x 18", item S2131113). Choking hazard. Small parts. Not suitable for children under 3 years. Adult supervision recommended.

Chalk Transfer™ Tote (20" x 26")

Keep your Transfers safe and snug in this transparent tote. Fits C-, D-, and E-sized Transfers in the large pocket and A- and B-sized Transfers in the smaller pocket. Cart your art around in style!

Handled Squeegee

Make quick work of your largest projects by using the Handled Squeegee to apply paste or ink in smooth, even strokes. Measures approximately 4". Squeegees are designed with a rubbery, flexible texture that perfectly smooths Chalkology® Paste or Ink over Chalk Transfer® designs.

Detail Tool

Get as detailed as you want with this little guy. Use the silicone end for detailed paste application and the hard, sharp end for picking up transfers in tight corners, or for removing tiny paste errors from your work. Measures approximately 6" x ½".

Angled Squeegee

Different angles reach different details when you put this squeegee in the game. Easy to hold with great maneuverability for tight corners. Measures approximately 2" x 4". Squeegees are designed with a rubbery, flexible texture that perfectly smooths Chalkology® Paste or Ink over Chalk Transfer® designs.

Surface Wax

Protects Chalk Transfers from raw surfaces and creates a smoother and more even pasting experience for indicated Chalk Couture™ surfaces and non-Chalk Couture surfaces. Use a lint-free cloth to apply to the surface, testing a small area first.

Color Trays (24-Pack)

Use color trays as tiny perfect palettes for Chalkology® Paste and Ink. Works great for Paste Singles or for watering down paste to create washes.

Paste Scraper

Use to remove dried (or re-wetted) paste from Chalk Couture™ surfaces.

Chalk Markers (Silver, Gold, 2-Pack)

Add custom touches, hand-lettering, or freehand artwork to board surfaces. One of each color. Remove with water and a Board Eraser (2-Pack) (item T183102).