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Easter Eggs Project

Picture of Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs
Four great egg-shaped designs are perfect on just about any surface. Use them individually or layered together, and accent with a beautiful Easter lilly. This is a whole basket-full of egg-cellent projects, just waiting to be found!

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SKU: B24201314
Picture of Coaster Set (7 Pieces)
Coaster Set (7 Pieces)
Whether it's a hot chocolate or something a little stronger, nothing beats setting your beverage on a cute, customized coaster! Forget coffee table books, these Couture Boutique® surfaces are the best conversation starters for a crafter. Coasters measure 4" in diameter and can be sealed for one-time use or washed and re-chalked as a reusable surface.
SKU: S23601399
Picture of Egg Hunt Paste Palette Pack
Egg Hunt Paste Palette Pack
Your search is over for the Egg Hunt Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack! Each Palette Pack includes 6 singles (.19 fl. oz. each): Sunny Side, Peony, Peach Cobbler, Wisteria, Shimmer Olive, and Eggshell Blue.
SKU: PS23104330
Picture of Bright White Paste Single
Bright White Paste Single
Make a statement with creamy dreamy™ Bright White Chalkology® Paste! Perfect for hard surfaces. It’s washable, forgiving when wet, and offers a hard, matte finish. Chalkology Paste Singles include .19 US fl. oz. Chalkology Paste is formulated for use with Chalk Transfer® designs and Chalk Couture™ surfaces. Can also be applied to other nonporous surfaces.
SKU: PS183107