Hip Hip Hooray Project

Picture of Serif Monogram Font
Serif Monogram Font
Make your projects unique with a custom message using the elegant and clean Serif Monogram Font Transfer! Add greenery embellishments for a cute, classic touch. This is one font-astic and versatile Transfer! Pairs beautifully with the Couture Boutique® Chalkable Chips Pennant Banner.
SKU: E23501304
Picture of Pennant Banner Chalkable Chips (52 Pieces)
Pennant Banner Chalkable Chips (52 Pieces)
Create décor for any occassion or everyday with a personalized pennant banner. A custom detail like this can add the perfect sparkle to any celebration or your evergreen décor! Keep it traditional or appeal to party goers with an inside joke and make it your own. Make a banner for every important get together, simply erase your design and chalk again and again!
SKU: S23501328
Picture of Shimmer Gold Paste
Shimmer Gold Paste
Make a statement with creamy dreamy™ chalk paste! Perfect for hard surfaces. It’s washable, forgiving when wet, and offers a hard, matte finish. Chalkology Paste jars include 3 US fl. oz. Chalkology® Paste is formulated for use with Chalk Transfer® designs and Chalk Couture™ surfaces. Can also be applied to other nonporous surfaces.
SKU: P191110