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Waves and Rays Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack (6-Pack)

Make a splash with the Waves and Rays Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack! Each Palette Pack includes 6 singles (.19 fl. oz. each): Dune, Shimmer Harvest, Papaya, Shimmer Melon, Eucalyptus, and Tide.

Lake Daze Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack (6-Pack)

The Lake Daze Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack is a wave of nautical colors for our beach lovers and lake life people! Each Palette Pack includes 6 singles (.19 fl. oz. each): Ocean Mist, Cadet, Colonial Blue, Peachy Keen, Storm and Guava.

10" Square Mask

Chalk Couture masks are an amazing way to use large patterns with sentiments or other Transfer elements for a border effect. Place this Transfer OVER another Transfer while chalking, and this design will block the middle, leaving it unchalked so you can fill in something else.

Go Outside

Reduce your tent-sion and go outside! With illustrations of a night sky, a campfire, a tent, and sentiments encouraging one to go out and explore, the Go Outside Transfer is perfect for every outdoor enthusiast. Use the iconic designs all together, or choose just your favorites as accents on smaller projects or gifts.

No Soliciting

Send those solicitors off with a smile after they see the No Soliciting Transfer design in your garden or doorway. Customize your "No Soliciting" sign with the perfect level of snarkiness (or politeness) for your home.
$14.40 $16.00

Etched Butterflies

Our hearts are fluttering at these Etched Butterflies. Try chalking this using a watercolor technique. If that doesn't work for you, maybe you can just wing it!
$24.30 $27.00

Bandana Pattern

Chalk a bit of down-home, farmhouse style onto anything with a D-sized paisley Transfer! Based on timeless bandana design, this distinctive, intricate pattern is excellent for chalking individual details on all sorts of projects.
$29.70 $33.00

Peaceful Garden

This peaceful and elegant Transfer is buzzing with potential! Create a beautiful set of botanical art prints, add the flowers to a throw pillow, or chalk the bees on a honey jar. How sweet!
$18.90 $27.00

Don't Just Stand There

This design is perfect for anyone in need of a motivating reminder to just keep moving. Whether you're making big moves in your career or in life, or just stylishly upgrading your fitness gear, this simple message says so much.
$9.90 $11.00

Corner Market Collection—Mercantile

What's more farmhouse than an old-fashioned food scale? This rustic Chalk Transfer® design is a dream for those who love adding a bit of vintage influence to their home décor.
$24.30 $27.00

Exist Loudly

Embrace being loud and proud about who you are, because there's no one else quite like you! The Exist Loudly Chalk Transfer® design affirms the decision to be completely and totally yourself. Designs look great on chalkboards, t-shirts, shelf displays, and more!
$24.30 $27.00

Love & Coffee Co.

Love is brewing! Grab a cup of warm happiness 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the Love & Coffee Co. Chalk Transfer® design. Classic cafe-inspired design looks great in a kitchen or business.
$24.30 $27.00

Every Dream—Watts of Love

Featuring dandelion tufts blowing in the wind, this Transfer offers the beautiful sentiment: “Every dream begins with a simple wish.” For each Every Dream Transfer sold, Chalk Couture™ will donate $2 USD to our charitable partner, Watts of Love®.
$14.40 $16.00

Sole Mates

Let’s get ready to tumble! Have loads of fun on laundry day with this cut-apart Transfer, featuring a call for sole mates in a modern font. The evergreen design is perfect to bring a bit of love to the space that houses a loveless chore.
$24.30 $27.00

Woven Stripe Pattern

Name something more classic than a striped pattern, we dare you! This Woven Stripe Pattern is repeatable on all four sides, making it perfect for larger projects!
$29.70 $33.00

Queen of Everything

Go, Queen, go! Truly a grand Transfer with a crown icon and whimsical script for those who rule with a little sass. Great for creating gifts or DIY projects for yourself, to celebrate your own royal status.

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