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Chalk Transfer® Stencils

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Everyday Labels

Get organized and label up your life! The Everyday Labels Transfer is super versatile and a great tool to have in your collection.

Dinner Options

Leave picky eaters at the door! For the most reasonable and logical cooks or dinner guests in your life, the Dinner Options Transfer offers the sassy sentiment of “dinner options 1. take it 2. leave it”.

Kitchen Collection—Blessed Beyond Measure

Spice up your kitchen décor with the Kitchen Collection—Blessed Beyond Measure Transfer on a fun display piece, apron, or handmade gift for others. The Transfer features illustrated measuring cups, greenery elements, and the sentiment “blessed beyond measure”.
$12.80 $16.00

Maybe Chocolate Will Help

Chocolate will definitely help (or maybe a little swearing). This cut-apart Transfer is easily customizable and features the various sentiments of "maybe chocolate will help", with the option to easily swap out "chocolate" with "swearing" or "praying". You gotta do what works for you!

Be Kind to Yourself

This B-sized Chalk Transfer® design reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. The modern, flowing font makes it an eye-catching (and important) message to see every day in your home.

Pantry Labels

Don’t put a label on us! Actually…do put a label on us, and chalk it! The Pantry Labels Transfer is too cute to refuse! You’ve probably chalked most of your kitchen by now, but have you chalked your pantry?

Celebration Minis

Celebrate all the good times with this cut-apart Transfer! These minis are perfect for gift tags, ChalkSuede™ Cards, or party décor.
$8.00 $16.00

A Slice of Happiness

No matter how you slice it, homemade is always better! Featuring cutie-pie illustrations and the “happiness is homemade” sentiment, the A Slice of Happiness Transfer is a perfect addition to your kitchen vignette. Chalk tip: chalk the pie elements on your favorite cutting board or kitchen accessories for cute accents to your kitchenware.
$8.00 $16.00

Kitchen Collection—Time to Eat

Any time is a good time to eat! This A-sized Chalk Transfer® design will au-tomato-cally draw your friends and family right into your kitchen.
$5.50 $11.00

Done Is Better Than Perfect

As the wise Sheryl Sandberg once said, “Done is better than perfect”. Use projects made with this Chalk Transfer® design to remind yourself to get started, get going, and get finished. Perfection can come later! This bold font and simplistic design look great as a one-and-done, chalked or inked all in one color. And it’s approachable A-size (5” x 7”) makes it the great touch to a journal, Couture Boutique® Board & Base (Black, item S203109, or White, item S2211121), or other surface.


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Proud Canadian

You're a proud Canadian, eh? Bursting forth with Canadian glory, this Transfer highlights some of the most famed qualities of the great North, such as a maple leaf, a nod to bacon, and a bottle of maple syrup.

Come As You Are

This bright and cheery A-sized Transfer will have you chalking in all the right ways, while also bringing an air of love and welcome to your home. And for those who love a good 90’s anthem, we expect you to be singing along with Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” while you chalk this design.


Anywhere with You Collection—Travel Heart

Display your love of travel AND home with this A-sized Chalk Transfer® design! Select your favorite portions of this design to chalk individually, or use the whole thing together on any 5" x 7" surface. Commemorate wanderlust and spending time with those you love.


It may be a procrastination station at your house, but the chalking always gets done! This B-sized Transfer features a retro design and an entertaining expression. It’ll have your guests, kids, family members, and even yourself cracking plenty of smiles.

Bandana Pattern

Chalk a bit of down-home, farmhouse style onto anything with a D-sized paisley Transfer! Based on timeless bandana design, this distinctive, intricate pattern is excellent for chalking individual details on all sorts of projects.
$16.50 $33.00

Bake Me A Cake

Bake us a cake as fast as you can! This A-sized, retro-styled Transfer offers adorable typography with a scrumptious cupcake icon you can chalk individually on smaller projects.

Blessed Simply

This evergreen design is a timeless and sweet cut-apart Transfer. It'll become a staple in your collection for creating gifts, home décor, and more. Customize any piece by adding your chosen sentiment, and chalk to your full delight!
$12.80 $16.00

Four Farmhouse Patterns

Get your pattern on with four repeatable designs in one package! Use each texture image in this cut-apart Transfer as backgrounds for other projects or as a vibrant focal point. This will easily become a staple, evergreen Transfer for anyone from novice to expert chalker.

Stay Curious

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but this raccoon is doing just fine! Create your own curious creature with this Transfer.
$4.80 $16.00

Hello Winter

Just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn’t mean your décor can’t be delightful! This cut-apart Chalk Transfer® design is super versatile. Use it on anything from your front door, to mugs for coffee and cocoa. This is the perfect Transfer for customized gifts all winter long!
$8.10 $27.00

Farmhouse Welcome Signpost Add-On

Large icons to celebrate holidays, the changing of the seasons, and the things we enjoy. The elements of this cut-apart Transfer can be used individually or combined with other Transfers for custom projects. This works well for workshops or to share with friends.

This Transfer was designed to work in conjunction with our Farmhouse Welcome Signpost Transfer (item E2111102) and our Simple Shapes (item S2111104). When you create a sign for your front porch, try using the add-on images in this design to switch out your sign for different holidays and occasions all year long. 

$9.90 $33.00

Farmhouse Welcome Signpost

This Transfer is the perfect tool to create a beautiful sign for your front porch! The cut-apart letters are great for vertical or horizontal signage, and the rooster can be substituted for any of the letters or added at the beginning or end.
$12.90 $43.00

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