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Activities & Adventures

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Little Things

This whimsical Chalk Transfer® design is perfect for reminding you to focus on the little things in life, for those are sometimes the most important!

Craft Labels

We’ve developed the perfect organizational accessory for every chalker! With labels like “washi tape”, “writing tools”, “sticky stuff”, and “stamp assortment”, the Craft Labels Transfer will help you tidy up and add some organized sparkle to your craft room.

Pantry Labels

Don’t put a label on us! Actually…do put a label on us, and chalk it! The Pantry Labels Transfer is too cute to refuse! You’ve probably chalked most of your kitchen by now, but have you chalked your pantry?

The Good Life

Oh, this has gotta be the good life! This Transfer features various timeless statements in whimsical and friendly fonts—perfect for evergreen, year-round décor.
$14.39 $15.99

Jar Cutouts Herbs

It’s thyme you summon your inner herbalist skills and chalk 'bout it! The Jar Cutouts Herbs Transfer features illustrations of parsley, thyme, oregano, and rosemary. The four distinct designs are great for creating labels, a set of framed projects, or to make shelf-sitters when paired with the Single Jar Cutout Transfer (item B2211322) and the 5” x 8” Jar Cutout surface (item S2153120). Display on your kitchen counter or give as a cozy house-warming gift.


Everyday Labels

Get organized and label up your life! The Everyday Labels Transfer is super versatile and a great tool to have in your collection.

Bird Cutout Patterns

Bird on the street is that you like bird puns! We hope that you also like the tweet little adorable Bird Cutout Patterns Transfer. This B-sized cut-apart Transfer features four dove-ly birds, silhouetted in floral and word patterns, and four wings. Pair this Transfer with the coordinating 2½” and 3½” Bird Cutouts (item S2211122) for cute double-sided and dimensional projects. Chalk tip: chalk with the Chalkology® Paste Singles Palette Pack—Pretty Pastels (item PS221102) for a beautiful springtime creation. After all, birds of a feather chalk together!


Single Jar Cutout

Say hello to your new best friend. Introducing the Single Jar Cutout Transfer! Isn't it jar-ring how lovely this is? This Transfer is great for a shelf, pantry, or kitchen vignette.

Modern Condensed Birthday Numbers

We know that seven ate nine and ten, but what happened to the other numbers? The Modern Condensed Birthday Numbers is perfect for chalking birthday signs or street addresses. Each number measures approximately 4" tall.

Simple Frames

Need a good frame of reference? The Simple Frames Chalk Transfer® design provides simply delightful frames for your latest projects. You’ll have an essential tool for creating a flawless DIY project!

Etched Butterflies

Our hearts are fluttering at this vintage-inspired Etched Butterflies Transfer. We love the look of this with a watercoloring technique: chalk the full design in a super light color, paint inside the lines with watered-down Chalkology Paste. If the watercolor technique doesn’t work for you, maybe you can just wing it!

Farmhouse Tile Pattern

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ farmhouse tile throwback?! This D-sized Chalk Transfer® design features an amazing tile pattern that’s repeatable top to bottom and side to side for larger projects, or can be used in smaller sections and pieces for smaller projects.

Fruits And Veggies Pattern

Turnip up the tunes with the Fruits And Veggies Pattern Transfer! This illustrated design looks great in one color or you can chalk each veggie to your liking. This pattern is repeatable top to bottom and side to side, which means you can create even larger projects like table runners, tablecloths, and more.

Modern Condensed Font

Heat up your alphabet soup! The cut-apart Modern Condensed Font Transfer features all twenty-six letters, ready for your customization. Letter height is approximately 2". Half circles on each letter make it easy to line things up perfectly.

We Are All Made Up Of Stars

Chalk your own version of a starry night by summoning your zodiac energy! The We Are All Made Up Of Stars Transfer features every zodiac sign’s constellation and the sentiments “out of all the stars in this world, I’m sure glad you’re mine” and “we are all made up of stars”. This cut-apart Transfer pairs well with the 5” x 5” Double-Sided Box Frames (item S203104). It’s perfect for custom gifts for the star-crossed lovers in your life. Chalk tip: chalk all constellations and zodiac signs to make your own star chart.


Flannels & Football

Is it really fall without flannels and football? We don’t think so! This Chalk Transfer® design is perfect for chalkers at any level. Simply pick your favorite color (or several!) and complete this project easily in one sitting—way less than a quarter of the game, it will only take as long as one time-out to complete! The cozy flannel pattern can also be used as an accent on other projects! We are obsessed with this Transfer on our Couture Boutique® Board & Base (item S203109) and think it would be a fun centerpiece for your game day food table.


Back to School Minis

These Transfer minis are a real A+ in our book! Cut them apart, share them with friends, and make them shine!
$12.79 $15.99

Hit the Road—Vintage Bug Add-On

12" x 18"

It's time to take that bug out on the open road! What will you strap to the top for your adventure?