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Words & Wit

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All of Me, All of You

There's so much to love about you! Share this sentiment all year round. From your spouse to your parents, siblings, friends, and more, let the special people in your life know how much they're loved with the elegant All of Me, All of You Chalk Transfer® design.

Note to Self

Need a daily dose of inspiration? Use the Note to Self Chalk Transfer® design and display this message where you––and others who may need it––can be reminded just how much you're capable of achieving.

Be You, Not Them

Be yourself––because you're the best! Show off what makes you special and encourage your family, friends, and guests to do the same when you display the Be You, Not Them Chalk Transfer® design in your home. Great as a one-and-done, easily chalked all in one color.

Snarky Empowerment Minis

You have cat to be kitten me? The individual elements in the Snarky Empowerment Minis Transfer are so much fun that we want to use them right meow! These sassy sentiments can easily be everyday staples in your year-round décor.

Freaking Jolly

Who doesn't love a little seasonal snark? Get a ha-ha-ha or a ho-ho-ho out of your holiday guests with these trendy and modern sentiments. Each fits great on a 5" x 5" surface.
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Canvas Patches—All Spruced Up

Give your holiday some flair by adding a custom sentiment! Personalize gifts for precious friends and family with a special touch found in this cut-apart, versatile Transfer.
$8.00 $15.99

Liquid Optimism

A whimsical design for those of us who appreciate the rescuing qualities of a good beverage. Raise a glass for this tongue-in-cheek, cut-apart design.


Done in Love

Take great inspiration from these two classic scripture verses and chalk the elegant script font. Create a timeless, everlasting project that will inspire you at every turn. Great for making gifts!


It may be a procrastination station at your house, but the chalking always gets done! This B-sized Transfer features a retro design and an entertaining expression. It’ll have your guests, kids, family members, and even yourself cracking plenty of smiles.

Pants on Fire

Liar, liar! Pants on fire! With flames worthy of the Hells Angels, this silly and satirical A-sized Transfer features a mix of eye-catching fonts and a clever sentiment. Great for gifts, classrooms, and more!


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Cup of Ambition

We all know what it's like to tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen and pour ourselves a cup of ambition! This A-sized cut-apart Transfer features the crowd-favorite words of the one and only Dolly Parton. We know everyone could use these reminders on those dreaded Monday mornings.

F Bomb

Don’t drop the bomb! This A-sized cut-apart Chalk Transfer® design features the snarkiest sentiments of “in case of emergency” and “don’t drop the” with an adorably explosive illustrated “F” bomb. Chalk tip: use the bomb on its own or pair it with either phrase. Watch your language, friends!

Done Is Better Than Perfect

As the wise Sheryl Sandberg once said, “Done is better than perfect”. Use projects made with this Chalk Transfer® design to remind yourself to get started, get going, and get finished. Perfection can come later! This bold font and simplistic design look great as a one-and-done, chalked or inked all in one color. And it’s approachable A-size (5” x 7”) makes it the great touch to a journal, Couture Boutique® Board & Base (Black, item S203109, or White, item S2211121), or other surface.


I Forgot What I Was Doing

Classic situation: you go to the other room for something, and when you get there, you completely forget why. Point out the little quirks and silly happenings of life with this fun Transfer. This design looks great as a one-and-done, chalked or inked all in one color, or add in a variety of colors for a more youthful look.

Trust The Timing

Chalk Couture™ wants to remind you to “trust the timing of your life”. This is a great evergreen design, perfect for showing off all year long or to fill in the gaps between holidays when you still want all the cutest décor in your space!

Too Legit

Chalk Couture™ is too legit to quit, and so are you! We love the sassiness of this Chalk Transfer® design for children’s clothing, team logowear, gym bags, gifts to be given as awards, and so on. Share this sentiment and projects made with it as gifts for anyone in your life who is just completely and utterly legitimate. The A-sized Too Legit Chalk Transfer® design features the sentiment “I am unable to quit as I am currently too legit” in a modern-styled font.


Be Kind to Yourself

This B-sized Chalk Transfer® design reminds us to be gentle with ourselves. The modern, flowing font makes it an eye-catching (and important) message to see every day in your home.

Maybe Chocolate Will Help

Chocolate will definitely help (or maybe a little swearing). This cut-apart Transfer is easily customizable and features the various sentiments of “maybe chocolate will help”, with the option to easily swap out “chocolate” with “swearing” or “praying”. You gotta do what works for you! Whether chocolate, praying, or swearing is your go-to comfort, you’ll still have a great time chalking this project. For a cute look, pair this item with the 5½” x 7½” Couture Boutique® Board & Pillar Stand (item S191107).