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Words & Wit

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Wishing You Sunshine

This cut-apart Transfer will have you singing "Here Comes The Sun" when you bring it home. Designed specifically for ChalkSuede™ cards, this Transfer can be used in a variety of ways to send sweet, sunshine-y messages.

You Are Magical

This Chalk Transfer® design says it all: you are magical! The bohemian style of this design makes a statement, and it serves as a great reminder to all of us to embrace and understand the power we hold. Ink it on apparel, like a jacket, or chalk it on a fantastic framed surface for a feature piece in your home!

Bird with A French Fry

This Transfer makes us happier than a bird with a french fry! Have fun with this cut-apart design, add some humor or snark to your space, and share a laugh every time you see it.

In This House, We Do Dog Tags

Honor your soldier with this endearing message. This subway style design can be a simple one-and-done or chalked in a variety of colors. Make it your own, in whatever way feels most meaningful to your family and matches your unique home.

Be A Rainbow in The Clouds

Chalk this whimsical Transfer in a classic rainbow color palette or all in one color as an easy one-and-done. With your head in the clouds, be the rainbow among them!


Not feeling it right now? Everybody has those days. Wear this Transfer on a shirt or chalk it on a door sign—anywhere you prefer not to be bothered.

You Got This Minis

There are better (crafting) days ahead when you get your hands on the You Got This Minis! Brighten up any space with these whimsical icons and phrases. Perfect to share with friends, use as DIY gifts, create one-and-done projects, and more!

But This Mouth

Are you someone with a little sass and a heart of gold? Speak your truth, friend! Share this sentiment on a sweatshirt, pillow, or wooden sign, and let everyone know you've got a big heart and perhaps a bit of a mouth to go with it.

It's Fine I'm Fine Everything Is Fine

It's fine, right? Whether it is or isn't, if you're looking for that extra affirmation, this Transfer—with its playful script font—is here for you!

Pretending to Work

Poke a little fun with this Transfer on your desk at the office, in your craft room, or in the kitchen. This is a great one-and-done project, perfect to add some snark to any space!

Bougie AF

This is for those who embrace their over-the-top attitude with pride! This Transfer is a fun way to express that Bougie AF side of yourself, or to create a perfect gift for a bougie friend. Serious or sarcastic? You decide!

It's Just A Phase

We're over the moon about this cut-apart Transfer! Embrace all of the phases that make you who you are and stay wild, moon child.

Don't Just Stand There

This design is perfect for anyone in need of a motivating reminder to just keep moving. Whether you're making big moves in your career or in life, or just stylishly upgrading your fitness gear, this simple message says so much.

Stay Humble Hustle Hard

A simple message for reaching big results. Encourage yourself and others to approach the world each day with this attitude: stay humble and hustle hard.

Note to Self

Need a daily dose of inspiration? Use the Note to Self Chalk Transfer® design and display this message where you––and others who may need it––can be reminded just how much you're capable of achieving.

Be You, Not Them

Be yourself––because you're the best! Show off what makes you special and encourage your family, friends, and guests to do the same when you display the Be You, Not Them Chalk Transfer® design in your home. Great as a one-and-done, easily chalked all in one color.

Snarky Empowerment Minis

You have cat to be kitten me? The individual elements in the Snarky Empowerment Minis Transfer are so much fun that we want to use them right meow! These sassy sentiments can easily be everyday staples in your year-round décor.

Done in Love

Take great inspiration from these two classic scripture verses and chalk the elegant script font. Create a timeless, everlasting project that will inspire you at every turn. Great for making gifts!
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